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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Part 3. Cali trip with RipCurl

A road trip to California is quite possibly one of the greatest trip you could ever take. If you connect those amazing landscapes to your passion for snowboarding, it could become the trip of one life. 
Me, Marion Haerty and Kristiina Nyman followed the route 395 to start the Search. 
Our trip starts from RipCurl office in LA
that RV was our home for a next 10days
After one night in our comfortable RV, first stop was - Alabama Hills
such  a beautiful view 
Next stop was Mammoth resort 
Had two days fun riding in the park
Unfortunately Kristina broke her wrist at the first day and us two continued filming and she was 
supporting us on the trip.
 after riding relaxing in natural bath - Hot Springs

Weather changed and we had to go farther
Next stop was Death Valley and SandBoarding
It was really interesting experience ride normal snowboard on the sand,
 pretty hard to do any turns and only if you go strait can get lots of speed, but was really hard to stop.
after Death village we went to Las Vegas 
 stayed for one night there did usual stuff.... 
(sometimes on the streets you can meet really weird people)
after one day brake , back on the board in Bear mountain resort 

Everyday was really hard working , waking up with sunrise filming and photoshooting till it get dark. Everyday different places, it is interesting but the same time it can be exhausting. 
 On the last day we went back on the cost for some surfing and skate  

want to say big thanks to our Crew 
photo - Julien Perly Petry
photo - Dan Warbs
video - Martin Campi 
team Manager - Raphael Delfour
team riders - Marion Haerty, Kristina Nyman , Olya Smehlivaya

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