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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Russian competitions marathon

Yeaaah it’s over!  10 days Russian competitions marathon of the National Russian Championship, Europe Cup and final step of Russian Cup went in the new place for me – Izhevsk city. There is the new Olympic team snowboard base with the best half-pipe in Russia and really good snowboard park.
 Slopestyle course
 Chillin on the slope 
It went really lucky for me and I had a really good and fun time with my Moscow team. I got 4th place at the Europe cup in Half-Pipe, 1st place at the Championship Big-air, 2nd place at the Championship Slopestyle and 1st place at the Russian Cup in Half-Pipe and Big-Air.  And become an overall winner of Russian Cup Half-Pipe this year!  Pretty stoked of that, because of my injury last year and didn’t really ride Half-Pipe this year, but I made my return not bad I guess, so happy about that!
 1st place at Big-Air Russian Championship
2nd place at Slopestyle Russian Chempionship
 1st place Half-Pipe and Big-Air Russian Cup

Went to the Kalashmikov  museum, and tried one of the gun.  I could be a sniper , got 4 in 10 and 1 at 9 circle. 
thats whatsup
Now I have just two days for rehab and going back to Sochi for Quiksilver camp. It’s going to be lots of fun spring shredding in the sick park, some shooting and filming. Can’t wait!