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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cali time

One more week in USA left , we went to Laguna beach for a couple of days,  a bit  surf  and tried to get sun, but the weather wasn’t that nice , June –GLOOM. Before weekends on Wensday we went to Hollywood in Paramount studio, where was a huge party Billabong  Design for Humanity, event with a fabulous fashion show, modern art auction, Edward Sharpe& The Magnetic Zeros live  concert  and VIP Free drinks for us all night! And in the morning it was looked more like  3d part of the Hangover movie. Lots of things happened, our phones died and we lost our friends , they went home without us , but thanks Shayne Pospisil  for driving us back , even it been looking more like it not gonna happen, because we lost his friend Roy , who was driving  a car , finely when we found him , it looked like he lost  his car  or someone stole it. But after 3 hours being sick  and calling to police, he found parking ticket in his pocket where was his car, he been glad like a lil kid. So next time check your pockets guys! Strait after we went to the main office TransWorld Snowboarding  mag  in Oceanside , it was really nice to meet all this people who working there and have a talk. 
Surfin in Laguna Beach , water been way to cold..
got just 2 days of sun

Billabong show on                                                                                                      looking for a car..
And this weekend is  going  to be sick as hell,  we are out to Las Vegas! Even I’m not 21 it works everywhere, let’s check it out there. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey from LA!

Heeeey, so now I’m on my trip in USA , it started really nice for me in the Washington airport, officers didn’t want let me in , but all went good after they saw my snowboard boots and other staff. Before that, they didn’t believe me that I’m going snowboarding.  And here I’m, one week in LA already with my favorite friend Maria, didn’t see her such a long time. Having fun together, tripping around LA. Thanks our new friend Artie for giving  us this sickest car ever bmw z4, so now we can rolling  faster , already went to Hollywood, Beverly Hills , Santa Monica, Malibu beach and lots of others nice places around.  And today we are moving to Laguna beach ,  for surfing  and party, last night I found that I’m already 21!  I was born at 4.10. 1990 ,in America it is not 4th of October  it is 10th of April , so that’s mean that I’m 21 already,   Happy B-day me in the past ! ahaha

  pool party on
 thanks for the car ;)

Malibu beach