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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back from USA


Hey! Whats up! Here I’m , back to Russia , after 2 months traveling around US. It was definitely good time!  Last session up on Mt Hood was fun, even the weather most of the time was weird . Was happy to met lots of friends around , some Russians , like Denis Leontyev , Dasha  Nosova , Joon Ivanov, Alyona Alyokhina and George Stezenko came there as well. Had fun shredding and filming  together. Last days was so good, that I almost changed my flight to stay longer, but I didn't. Went to LA for a few days to see my babe Carrie  Daniels, before my flight  back to Russia.
                  Betty Rides van                              
    fun with Dasha and Alyona   
          Thanks Dasha Nosova for photos!

Kinda happy to came back to Russia for a bit to see my homies and Family. Going to my birthplace –Ukraine,  Sevastopol tomorrow to see my all part of family and just hang out, cillin on the beach and get tan before my next trip to Switzerland on next week.
   My Carrie ,  Malibu beach


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sorry for being that lame and not updating my blog such a long time. But now it is bad weather and I have a time to tell you what’s going on thru these 2 weeks up in this awesome place here, in Mt Hood.
My first days in Oregon I spent with my lovely Betty Rides family in Portland, we were discussing about next season outwear and bikinis for a summer. Had definitely lots of fun time with Janet Freeman owner of Betty Rides Company and my team mate Danika Duffy together.
And now we are up on the Hood for a session number 3, 4, 5. The parks are sickest here, having lots of fun Shredding! It is already session 4 , had a few days bad weather before and  I had  some days rest  with a good weather, because of my poor shoulder, I don’t know really what’s  wrong with it , but I fell pretty bad on it and it is hurts . Hope I will kill in it pretty soon, actually it is feeling much better now! Just waiting for a good weather again!
Most of the time I ride Windells park because I have sponsor pass only for it , but it is not a problem to snick in to HCSC. And the Public park is lots of  fun as well. Photos and Videos coming later.
 Betty Rides House
 Pipe2Pipe in Windells
 HCSC park
 Windells skate world
 Luke Mitrani any Danny Davis photoshooting in HCSC
poor me with my shoulder, just chillin