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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring shredding in Russia!

This month I spent at the Russians mountains, first went South to the Sochi, Rosa Khutor resort, where went Quiksilver Snow camp. It was lots of fun riding at that time, weather been awesome, first two days tons of fresh powder, and then sunny spring days shredding in the sick new park.
Powder days! 30th of March!
Old school shredding!

 Sochi I think could be the best place, with the best snow and black sea just 40min from the mountains.

After South of Russia I went to the North- Kirovsk, where  went like an ever y year DC.Kirovsk.Lab camp.  Weather wasn’t so nice to us, we got sun only for 2days in  two weeks, but still it was lots of fun hanging with friends and just shred a good park.

                                    on the way by train from Moscow to Kirovsk 34 hours
With Dasha and Jenia

                        With Katya, Dasha and our new pet               
 With babe Dream