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Friday, August 26, 2011

Swiss time

This last two weeks I spent in Zermatt Switzerland, trained hard in half-pipe  with my Russian Moscow РГШ team, I joined them on their second week and brought a good weather.
Park was good, weather was perfect, training's were exhausting.
Glad I tried some tricks  wich I did before my injury, ready for winter now!
 Redbull keeping me awake
Happyriding with Alyonka
 On second training's usually stretching, soccer or skateboarding


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sevastopol - Home sweet home

Sevastopol-it is a sea city located on the Black sea coast of the Crimea peninsula of Ukraine.  Crimea is famous of wonderful nature, warmest climates in Ukraine, best and richest and delicious wine and Champaign. I was lucky to born in Sevastopol and spend my childhood there. But now I’m living in Moscow, Russia it is  1500km from,  but I’m always trying to go back as soon as have a time. It is so nice to go there at summer time, chillin on the sun and spend some time with my family.
This time I had just one week, went with my friend Anna Glagoleva and had awesome, fun time.

                                                            Home sweet home...
Tomorrow my flight to Switzerland, Zermatt back on the snow...