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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sochi 2012

Didn’t made it to Oslo for WSC, but whatever, had a super fun time riding in Russia , just came back from the tasting  a new Olympic  Half-Pipe  in Sochi. I can say everything changed so much after I was there at “ Krasnaya Polyana”  resort 5 years ago.  New village “Rosa Khutor” , new lifts, new  slopes looks really good and getting ready for next winter Olympic Games in 2014, but there is one thing that never change ,it is  one of the best snow in the world and awesome freeride. Especially when all the snow was only for us, this resort right now is open only for sportsmen’s who came there for National Russian& European cup and World cup.  We got fresh powder at the first day and sunny weather on the next day, then pipe trainings and competitions “Russian cup in Half-Pipe”, where I got 3d place. Our President of Russia even came to watch us. It was the best Half-Pipe we have ever had in Russia. I want to say Thanks to shaper from Park City, Tyson, who made it for us. Thanks!
                                                      With Alyona and Jenia
                                                                       Powder day
                                                    Fun fun fun!
                                                                         Olympic Half-Pipe
                                                                        Russian Cup
                                                President Dmitry Medvedev ...
                                                                    Rosa Khutor resort
Awesome thing about the place where we were staying, that it was near by the “Black” sea and it is just 1 hour drive to the resort. We were chilling on the beach in the evening , was pretty warm + 14C and shredding  pow in the morning . 
                     Black sea

Joon with wild cats

Looking forward to come back there soon …

Friday, February 3, 2012


Sorry for no updates such a long time, been busy with snowboarding and having fun last 2 months in Colorado. It was such a great time with my friends and my love. Got back on my skills on the jumps after injury, so happy about that, I think that now I’m ready to compete.  Unfortunately not going to WSC in Oslo next week, having problem with getting my visa, but going to Sochi to try the new Olympic half-pipe there next week and shred some sick powder with my Moscow team friends.

                                                                   Breckenridge park
   bs3,  photo by Jeff Brockmeyer 

                                     Keystone park with the girlzzz
                                                                       Marks Mcmorris B-day
                                                         getting a new tattoos with the girls
                        Had an awesome time with this Norwegian babes: Anette Bandidos, Maria Hilde                                   and my love Elin Bjorkum and Emilie Evensen. 
SIA exhibition - Betty rides booth , with me on it..... love this picture..
Have fun everyone!