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Monday, January 31, 2011

Check it out DC.Kirovsk.Lab in Russia!

Spring time it is always lots of fun! Check it out how we do it in northern Russia in Kirovsk. Had lots of fun shredding with my homeis and some Norwegians crazy guys! Sure they will remember this trip ;)

DC.Kirovsk.Lab 2010 Full Video from DC.SHOES.RUSSIA on Vimeo.

  Mikkel Bentzon and Mats Hofgaard love it ! Vodka with champagne ! 

Fun shredding


Gonna be back this year for sure and you have to be there too!


Friday, January 28, 2011

How is it going...

Hey ! I hope you all doing well.
 It is three weeks went from my crash already and I’m at home just chillin and hanging out with ma friends. Having pretty sweet and lovely time. Still waiting when I will be well and could shred again.
Went  to DC party last night, there was a  new video premiers  from DC and fun video from DC. Kirovsk.lab, found some parts of my riding in, was pretty stoked.  
Party went awesome, spend such a good time with my homeis and was really happy to see Alyonka , she just came back from Spain and she kind of in my world now, she had concussion and broke her collarbone again L Poor girl!  But I believe that we will Rock again pretty soon!
Today I went to the Hospital, to see what doctor will say about my health feelings, but all the doctors did not understand what is going on with me and my head, so weird. I spent whole my day there. The eye doctor thought that I’m using something , like a drugs, because of my big eye pupils, he suppose to give me special paper for police if they will stop me, that I will not have a problem with that. And after I went to the X-ray for my brain, and had pretty bad news:( But I’m still keepin be a strong girl and I know everything will be good later.
My doctor don’t let me go, but I already booked my flight week ago. Going to Italy, Livigno tomorrow. Looks like just for chillin, and easy shredding. Then Air&Style and Ispo! Yehoooooo See ya there!!!!

 Please everyone be careful! It is unbelievable , how many friends of my and people around get hurts this year.  Love u all!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm back... recovering time.

Sorry for been bad blogger, didn't update here such a long time. But now i'm back, and here lots of things to tell. The first, Happy New Year everybody!

 Just came back from my Euro trip to Switzerland for O'neill Evolution and BEO. Witch didn't go so lucky for me, and especially that’s why I’m back to Russia so early. The last few days in Switzerland i spent in the hospital, because of my pretty bad concussion on the training on the slopestyle, one of the days in Laax. But doctor said everything will be ok in one week.  So now I’m just chilling and hanging out with my friends and family back at home, and pretty soon will be back on the slope.
my ride to the hospital
But anyway It was awesome and lots of fun trip, was happy to see and meet and hang out with all the friends around. It was fun shredding and awesome time partying ;) even the last party in Laax was half a dream for me, but all good!

We will all miss this time!
 Jumps looks awesome

Big Congrats for my lovely girl Cilka Sadar and her silver on O’neill evolution, and my lovely boy Tim-Kevin Ravnjak  and his gold and bronze on BEO.  And Iouri Podlatchikov. They are killin it!